Monday, April 15, 2013

We got a new pet!

Back in the fall, we had promised The Climber a fish for Christmas if he kept being a good boy. Then come Christmas, we forgot... and shockingly, so did The Climber! Until last Thursday that is, when he suddenly remembered and got really upset. A promise is a promise after all, so off to the pet store we went! He was allowed to pick out any fish he wanted, provided it was a betta. Behold!

I formally present the newest addition to our family- Blue Blue You! You can guess who named him, and yes he is, in fact, blue. But I'm really in no position to make fun of The Climber's pet naming skills, because when I was little I had a parakeet named Parakeet. It must be hereditary!

Monday, April 8, 2013

The Ultimate Blog Party 2013!!

I'm relatively new to the whole blog-o-sphere thing, so I was really excited to find out about the 2013 Ultimate Blog Party over at 5 Minutes for Mom. As a SAH parent who was once a lawyer, it's really easy to go a little stir crazy staying at home with a 3.5 year old all day long!

So here we go. My name is Lauren, and I used to be a lawyer (sort of) before quitting my job in 2011 to stay at home with my son, The Climber. I started this blog as a way of keeping my sanity, using my brain for something other than configuring Thomas train track layouts, and connecting with other parents who also may be just a little bit lonely while at home with their kids. I had originally intended this blog to talk about non-child related things as well, and with any luck I'll get to that eventually. So far, it seems I've become the stereotypical parent who writes about nothing but parenting. Hopefully, my blog will at least provide you with a laugh, even if it's just a chuckle of commiseration! So come on in and say hello, and if you want to leave a link to your blog as well, feel free. I'm always looking for new blogs to read in the moments that I'm not playing Legos and trains!