Sunday, August 31, 2014

The Daily Horror Story

It starts out as a peaceful Sunday morning. It is still dark, as the sun is just beginning to make it's appearance in the early morning sky. A man and a woman lay in their bed, sleeping soundly. Suddenly, the couple hears a rustling from the room across the hall. A door creaks and squeaks as it opens, slowly. Footsteps thump throughout the upstairs. The man gets up and locks the bedroom door, and barricades it with a laundry hamper. The footsteps get closer. The couple does their best not to make a sound while cowering in their bed. Slowly, the knob on their bedroom door starts to turn back and forth, and the sound of pounding fists echoes throughout the room. Inexplicably, the lock on the door fails and it pushes open just an inch or two, still blocked by the laundry hamper. A hand reaches through the crack, flailing about wildly as the door continues to push the laundry hamper farther and farther into the room. When the door opens half a foot, a small figure slips into the room. The couple issues a collective groan of despair as all hope of continued sleep is dashed. "GOOD MORNING MOMMY, GOOD MORNING DADDY!!"

Another day begins....